4080Records Presents: Freestyle Love Supreme

These cats are just shockingly talented, I think.

The doper of these rappers is actually a Broadway star, having written his own musical called “In the Heights”.  Google that shit, or go see it if you can.  This thing has one 4 Tony awards already!

More impressively, the kids of Freestyle Love Supreme put on a show every few weeks in NYC, and would be worth going to see I think.  Their blend of comedy and hip hop is an interesting take on the freestyle kick, replacing the innate combativeness with a touch of humor.

Check out the CollegeHumor video below for a taste.


  • July 13 - 12:14 am | Permalink

    Best interns ever! I wish we would have such interns or at least such handymen who take care of broken stuff, printer included.
    The faces the geek guy and the bigger guy display, priceless!

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