Month: August 2009


Zee Avi

NPR has finally run a piece on Zee Avi.  Zee’s a lady that we have been repping for a while now on our YouTube Channel.  Quite frankly, the channel’s not too much besides us favouriting videos that we dig and trying to promote artists that we really think should make it. Listen to the NPR […]


Goodbye, Casey Kasem.

Casey Kasem has finally hung up his mic for the last time.  His iconoic broadcasts (the inspiration for acts like Rick Dees in Canada) had kept the radio-listening public informed about the Top 40 songs of the age.  Granted, he did exposure whole generations of young kids to some awful music, but he was also […]


Hova or Hegemon?

This is one of my favourite MetaFilter posts in recent memory. Marc Lynch’s article, posted here is a pretty fascinating analysis of hip hop feuds as an allegorical look at the principles behind international relations. His basic premise (which he expounds on more here in his interview with NPR) is that Jay-Z is the closest […]


Suge Knight Light

Thanks to Gizmodo for bringing this one up as it’s pretty funny.  To a person of my age, it’s remarkable to think back to the time when Suge was a feared man.  For a while, he was one of the toughest hip hop moguls around, and his stable of stars was second to none. Suge […]

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