Another Youtube Collabo

inbflatThe Internet is a crazy place sometimes.  You can literally find anything you want.  This, project lets all you laptop DJs play around with mixing a variety of samples together.  Might be just the thing to whet your appetite and encourage you to get into making music for real.

In B flat has been making the usual internet rounds, and frankly we’re a little late in the game on getting to this one.  Gizmodo posted this back in May, and I’m sure others were there before them.

The basic premise is this.  Someone laid together a ton of youtube videos on one page, each containing a short instrumental riff.  You start/stop them as you want (you can play them all together, even) and somehow it just works.  You can see if their FAQ answers your questions.

If you dig it, try Audacity to record the mix you make.  Here’s some tips on how to make it work.

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