DJ on the go

Just a quick little blurb about what seems like a handy little product.  Gizmodo has run a piece on the Tonium Pacemaker.  This, while perhaps suffering from odd product branding, may be just the ticket for some budget bedroom DJs.

It’s not for the hip hop purests out there, because it seems to take a lot of the skill and fun out of the DJ gig.  If you aren’t into CD mixers or USB turntables, you may just want to stop reading here.

Basically, this is a portable mixer with a hard drive in it.  The article does mention one pretty awesome feature, especially if you’re an amateur.  The Pacemaker comes with a BPM graph so you can visually try to match two tracks.  There’s also an ‘auto beat match’ function, which sounds pretty dubious for me.  But who knows, maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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