4080Records Presents: Pigeon John

Pigeon John / Flynn Adam/ Rootbeer

I couldn’t pass this post up.  Pigeon John is a hilarious and progressively more important emcee in the contemporary hip hop world.  I first came across him back when he was doing some stuff with L.A. Symphony, a Christian hip-hop group.  Now I’m not normally one for theological rap, but these guys were good.  Heavy melodies and decent lyrics.  In fact, the little comments about finding the lord and whatnot almost seem like an afterthought, no more obvious than shout-outs to Allah from the likes of Mos Def.

Pigeon John quickly outgrew the group and went solo, releasing several hilariously titled albums like Pigeon John Is Clueless, Pigeon John is Dating Your Sister, and Pigeon John and the Summertime Pool Party. These albums had several great hits.  One of my favourite tracks is off Pigeon John is Dating Your Sister and is called Hello Everybody. I don’t even know why I like this song so much, but somehow I find it really catchy.

He’s developed his own little following.  I particularly love Red Cloud’s tribute to Pigeon John:


For something a little dancier and newer, check out Freaks! Freaks!.  I’m less of a fan of this one than of his other tracks, but it does show he’s got a little bit of range.

I’ll end it with one last track, Life Goes On featuring Abstract Rude.

I know this is a ton of stuff to have thrown at you at once, but hopefully you can spend some time with it and start checking out some of the related acts too.

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