Month: October 2009


Hip Hop’s Birthday

Back on October 12, the BBC and others decided that it was Hip Hop’s 30th anniversary.  It’s a bit of an arbitrary day, I’d say, but at least it’s drawing attention to a neglected art form. If you follow this link, the BBC has a pretty interesting short video with a guy who was present […]

Art Hip-hop Film

Rhyme Spitters

Damn, Doomsday is sick. Rhyme Spitters is a sick documentary series chronicling dope freestylers from all over the place.  I’ve got all four of them for you listed below, so check ‘em out if you’ve got some time when you’re bored.  The best part? It’s free and streamable online.    That’s a lie, the best part […]


NPR’s best of fall hip hop

Maura Johnston, famous from writing for Idolator, has given a little radio interview to NPR talking about some upcoming acts. Frankly, I don’t really agree with some of her choices but she does make some good points  She pumps up Jay-Z’s release, and the new Raekwon album, and has some time for a couple of […]

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