The Piracy Debate in England

2009 Septiembre LILY ALLEN @ LUNA PARKThere’s been a lot of talk over the UK government response to illegal file sharing. 

The basic premise is that the UK government supports a plan to disconnect users who have been found to be illegally sharing copyrighted files.  First they get a warning, then the eventual step is the ISP stepping it to cut off access.

Now this has raised serious eyebrows all over the place, but no more so than at the Featured Artists Coalition, which is a basically a bunch of big name British musicians.  For a while, the official stance was opposition to this proposal, coming from some of the same artists that a law like this is designed to protect.

Lily Allen launched a blog (that she has subsequently removed) that called for musicians to support this, and collected submissions from other artists.  However, even this wasn’t without controversy because there are allegations that she plagarized her rather moving first post.

It still seems like she won this battle.  The FAC has now, essentially, backed down and has actually issued a statement in support of Lily Allen.  This seems like quite the turnaround, and many believe that it was simply because of Allen’s shockingly successful campaign.

I’m still not sure I believe in the internet disconnection idea, but if you take something away from this it my just be that a little publicity can be a powerful influence on politics.  It’s not exactly a novel concept, but I think this was an example of a very succesful operation.  She launched, she conquered, she deleted the blog. 

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