Tributes to some late artists

There’s been a couple of big developments lately in the hip hop world, with some incredibly prominent deejays finally passing on.

Roc Raida

This is especially a blow.  Roc Raida was a member of the X-excutioners, one of the dopest DJ crews the world has ever known.  I mean honestly, if you haven’t heard of Roc Raida you should probably hang up your headphones and hand over your backpack, because you can’t be a true hip hop head anymore.



Mr. Magic

Unkut Magazine has a great post eulogizing Mr. Magic. But, briefly Mr. Magic was a huge force in hip hop.  He had the first all-rap radio show and was the inspiration for some of the best acts out there.

NPR actually has a good little show about the shoutouts he’s gotten in songs over the last few years, and some of the people he’s managed to inspire so much passion in.

Mr. Magic wasn’t without his own drama, but this guy was the original radio dj.  I hope people remember him.

Rest in peace, men, you’ve contributed a lot to hip hop over the years and you will be missed.

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