The Grouch’s “Mom and Pop Killer”

No, this is not just a creepy title for a post.  I’m talking about the video that the Grouch made this past year for a sick and anti-consumer track called Mom and Pop Killer

The premise for the video is quite simple in its purpose and is very much meant to scare you.  It’s hyperbolic, talking about how rampant consumerism and the growth of the mega corporation is killing off small businesses and harming the people behind them.

I was just talking about this same idea the other day, that when you look at a small business that’s closed for good, that this was likely someone’s dream and their life savings.  This was someone’s life that is now over. 

It’s a lot to think about, and obviously many don’t agree with the premise.  Especially those who feel like the shops that close simply weren’t making the cut, and that the market only rewards the successful stops.  But enough of waxing economic on you, check out the video below.

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