Hip Hop’s Birthday

Sugarhill Gang @ Gru Village (Grugliasco, Turin)

Back on October 12, the BBC and others decided that it was Hip Hop’s 30th anniversary.  It’s a bit of an arbitrary day, I’d say, but at least it’s drawing attention to a neglected art form.

If you follow this link, the BBC has a pretty interesting short video with a guy who was present on the day hip hop was ‘born’.  An amateur photographer, he captured some of the most iconic photographs of the movement I’ve ever seen.  Joe Conzo has put his work up online as well so you can see some of these amazing images and wax a little nostalgic.

So, hip hop, happy belated birthday.  You’re a spry young person, and have many years ahead of you.  I still maintain that rumours of your death are greatly exaggerated.

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