Hip hop’s new disturbing trend – “No homo”

Hip hop has long been lampooned for being homophobic, and with even venerable groups like Tribe showing off some less-than-stellar judgment on the matter, it’s understandable why the genre as a whole has a bad rap.

But this new phrase seems to be even more over the top than the ridiculous nonsense that Eminem throws out.

Basically, more and more frequently now, rappers (I should note that it’s primarily commercial rappers who are doing this) drop some ridiculous phrase then toss out a “no homo” at the end.  This Current TV segment does a good job of highlighting the absurdity of the whole meme.


Personally, I can’t understand why hip hop would want to let something like this go.  In mind, a genre that has long been a bastion for disaffected people, or those who feel like they are being discriminated against, would want to inflict that same thing on anyone else.  Maybe it’s some whole “cycle of violence” thing the same way that abusers are affected.  Who knows? 

The problem is that it’s gaining so much credence that even big name rappers like Kanye are using it.  It’s one thing when little raw battle dogs like Cam’Ron drop some hyperbolic ish, but when someone who actually gets radio airplay is doing it, that’s another.

Hopefully this is a just one of those fads that disappears, like dropping it like it’s hot. 

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