Month: November 2009


Sarah Palin doesn’t suck on the Factor

Last week, Sarah Palin made an appearance on Bill O’Reilly’s show ‘The O’Reilly Factor‘ as part of her Going Rogue promotional tour.  Although I didn’t catch it live – fortunately (or maybe unfortunately) I don’t get Fox News – I did have a chance to read a ‘rush’ transcript of the interview. Surprisingly, Palin wasn’t […]

Awareness Music

Yas – Iranian hip hop

It’s hard to compete with a bio like this.  Despite the fact that hip hop is replete with heart wrenching stories of growth and struggle, gritty determination and oddball success, it’s somehow even more persuasive when it comes from a place like Iran.  Perhaps it’s the stereotype of it being “exotic”, or perhaps it’s because […]

Music Politics

Hi Caliber gets the tea party started

Here at 4080, we’re known for occasionally exploring the relationship between hip-hop and social change.  Normally, the intersection of those things lies on the left side of the political spectrum.  The list of emcees rapping about eradicating poverty, combating racism and even revolution is long and distinguished.  It’s a tradition that stems back to hip-hop’s […]


The Lessondary’s tribute to Tribe

As a die-hard Tribe fan, reading this update from MetalLungies definitely got me pumped: is putting together an ATCQ mixtape, featuring a certain DJ Chong Wizard.  And last week, they released one of the tape’s tracks, a remix of “Check the Rhyme” (from which this site derives its name), featuring Jermiside, A Brother Named […]


Electric Wire Hustle, J Dilla music video and more

Electric Wire Hustle is an “electronic/organic trio” from New Zealand who’ve been getting mad love from across the ol’ blogosphere.  I honestly don’t know a lot about them, but this track, called ‘Perception,’ definitely got my attention.  Based on a sample from “Inside my Love” by Minnie Riperton (a joint that was best flipped, in […]

Cool Geek

4080 gets humorous

It’s not often that we publish posts on humour-related topics (unless you count Twice’s recent musings on Vanilla Ice and Shaq), but this update from Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish reminded me of my favourite Youtube video of all time, “Gabe and Max’s Internet Thing.”  Check it out: Fax us your email address now! Priceless. Anyways, […]

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