More tributes to the King of Pop

The King Michael Jackson’s passing has inspired countless tributes from, it seems, every corner of the pop culture landscape.  A testament to both his transcendent artistic influence and his catalog’s massive revenue-generating potential, the man has to date been remembered (slash exploited) on film, television, in print and, of course, by a variety of professional and amateur musicians.

Two of the better tributes I’ve heard have come via Metal Lungies (yeah, Google Reader!).  The first, by the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff, is a comprehensive mix of MJ’s “greatest moments,” including some tasty but lesser-known remixes of “Human Nature,” “Man in the Mirror” and “I’ll Be There.”  Called He’s The King, I’m The DJ, the mix is definitely worth a download.

The second tribute, courtesy of Beat Junkies DJ J-Rocc, is actually a sneak preview of a project called Share My Bed (seriously!).  An expert fusion of a Jackson a capella and a Dilla beat, the track, “Player Has Butterflies,” actually succeeds as a tribute to both men, reinforcing Dilla’s obvious talent and Jackson’s stunning vocal control, range and unique delivery.  Check it out below:

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