Some new music from around the interwebs

For your listening pleasure, here’s a round-up of some of the new (and not so new) music available on blogs across the world wide web.

First up is a set of three mixes from Oliver “Soul Sides” Wang.  Called They Call Me Mr. Lonely, Love Me…or Leave Me and Aretha Tribute, the mixes feature the excellent and often hard to find soul and funk that O-Dub’s blog is so well known for.  And based on the teasers he’s made available, they definitely have potential.  Check ’em out for sure.

To stay on the old school tip, Ear Fuzz has posted some classic Fela Kuti tracks to honour the arrival of Fela! on Broadway, a musical based on the Afrobeat pioneer’s life as “artist, political activist and revolutionary musician.”  Sounds dope.  If it can capture the pulsing energy of and raw emotion of tracks like “Zombie” and “Sorrow, Tears and Blood,” it will be.

Moving back into the realm of hip-hop, Wake Your Daughter Up has posted the new mixtape by UllNevaNo, called The Color Purple.  I don’t know a lot about this cat, but this video, for his song “It Could Be Worse,” portends good things:

Download the mixtape here.

And finally, Metal Lungies has posted a track from the new Madlib and Guilty Simpson collab Before the Verdict.  (Apparently, dudes are also working an album called OJ Simpson, as part of Madlib’s plan to release a new album every month for the next twelve months!).  Check out the track below:

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