Vanilla Ice sings the hits

I promise I’ll get back to posting real music soon enough (I know the Shaq thing probably caught you off guard), and I really didn’t think I would be quoting Idolator, but apparently I am.  They have reported that Vanilla Ice is back.  Literally.

He is rapping again.

Okay, that sentence gave me shivers.  But it’s true.  Apparently Ice (or should I call him Vanilla?) has released an album called Vanilla Ice is Back: Hip Hop Classics.  It’s an album of hip hop covers.  A lot of good tracks on there too.  Fight the Power, I got it Made, even Jump Around.  But the results are, well, exactly what you expected they would be.

I mean, I love a good Ice Ice Baby as much as the next man, but I can’t wrap my ahead around Vanilla Ice doing a Public Enemy track.  I think Flava Flav’s clock just started going backwards after I said that.  Still, check out a couple of the tracks below.

Here’s Baby Got Back

and here’s You Gots to Chill (Originally by EPMD)

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