Chief – Collabo Collection


Chief is a Swiss Beatmaker who decided to put together an album of collabos with some pretty amazing hip hop artists.  It was actually fairly hard to track down tons of information on this cat (probably because his name is fairly generic), but I’ll tell you what I know.

He has put together an amazing collection of jazzy hip hop beats, hooked up with some lesser-known but awesome emcees, and made one heck of a collabo album.  If you sleep on this, you will regret it.

FeelinMusic (of which it seems Chief is a founder) says that

CHIEF was born in Lausanne, Switzerland, where he grew up and still lives today. After showing interest in music at an early age and specifically hip hop since his early teens, Chief began DJing at the age of 14, and by 21 had started to create his own beats.

The album is all over the place in terms of style, but the center is on decent, jazzy hip hop.  Here’s a teaser of the album just to give you a sample.

And here’s one of the better tracks on the album,  Love Lost by Co$$ aka CashUsKing.


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