ODB vs. Kanye in a interrupt-off

I had never noticed this before, but apparently Ol’ Dirty Bastard was almost as bad as Kanye in terms of storming the stage at the Grammys.  And yet somehow ODB’s was more understandable because hew as at least pissed that he didn’t win.  Kanye was mad on ‘behalf of Beyonce.






Apparently, it’s impossible to find real video of the Kanye interruption.  Just thousands of videos of people ranting and raving about it, or people trying to make their own mini news reports.  Still, you know our take on it.


I guess rap divahood is no new phenomena, so at the least I should probably dial down my Kanye animosity.  Still, it’s hard not to take the occasional pot shot.  I feel like ODB could get away with this kind of nonsense because in his spare time he was saving little children, in Kanye’s he’s shopping.

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