Danny! releases free album ‘Where Is Danny?’

Danny! - Where Is Danny?

Danny!, an emcee from Killeen Texas signed to Def Jux, has released a new album, titled Where Is Danny? I don’t know a lot about this cat, but I’m definitely feeling the album.  As an infrequent consumer of the Def Jux catalog, to my ears Where sounds slightly experimental, without being un-listenable.  By combining complex, left-field sample collages with stream-of-conscious non sequiturs, Danny! has crafted a unique record. You’ll listen to it multiple times, if only to get his myriad (and often hilarious) pop culture references.  Best of all, the album is free to download!

Get your listen on here: Danny! – Where Is Danny?

Credit: MetalLungies

PS, if you want some indication of dude’s talent, check out “Fly, Pt. 2” which is more conventional than most of the tracks on Where?, but dope nonetheless:

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