David Sedaris releases new audiobook on vinyl

David Sedaris

Here’s further evidence of vinyl’s slow resurgence as a viable audio format (a theme we’ve discussed often here at 4080): Hachette Book Group recently announced it will release David Sedaris’s latest audio book, Live For Your Listening Pleasure, on vinyl (in addition to other formats).

But is it really because vinyl is once again in the ascendancy?  (In its report on the story, the New York Times notes that “[vinyl] albums are enjoying something of a renaissance, posting $57 million in sales in 2008, more than double the previous year and the best for the format since 1990.”)

Apparently not.  According to a Hachette representative, the company was “drawn to the idea precisely because it was quirky. Mr. Sedaris’s “audience is very attuned to irony and is going to find this funny,”” the rep said.  Hilarious.

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