New Souls of Mischief Album out

som-itunes Holy dopeness.  This is one new hip hop album I’m truly excited about.  Souls of Mischief have just dropped their newest album titled Montezuma’s Revenge.

The album is shaping up to be great Tour Stories is one of the best tracks I’ve heard.  Not even just this year.  It’s an unbelievable effort from some aging hip hop legends.  I’m not even going to bother giving you a hip hop history lesson for the Souls of Mischief, because if you don’t know who they are then you and I may just straight up have a problem.

Just playing.  The Souls of MIschief are a strong contingent of emcees who also run with the Hieroglyphics crew.  A-Plus, Opio, Phesto, and Tajai gave us the ever-so-classic ‘93 til infinity, the memorable track that has to be in my top ten songs of all time.  This effort, their 5th album to date, is no slouch of an effort.  The sound of this new album is pretty consistent with what they’ve been doing.  It’s co-produced by Prince Paul & Domino, so you know it’s going to be full of pretty strong piano samples and mellow hooks.

I haven’t had the chance to hear the entire album in detail yet, so I won’t spoil it for you by posting half-finished thoughts.  But I do want to encourage you to check it out.

It’s a strong effort to be sure, and  I’ve hooked you up with some youtube goodness below to check it out.

Here’s Proper Aim off the same album.  A very different vibe, but shows how diverse they can be.

Buy this album!

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  1. That first track is nice, I’m really feeling the beat. And I’d be willing to bet that the bass sample in the second track was used by Tribe on the Low End theory at some point.
    I’m definitely stoked about the album.

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