Ghost Ride the Hips – Homeless G-Funk Beatboxing


Big ups to the HVW8 project (heavyweight, get it?) for doing something dope and classy at the same time.  From the sounds of it, the guys over at HVW8 had a homeless guy beatboxing in the parking lot behind their gallery, and he was pretty talented.  This guy, named Red, had originally come to LA as an aspiring hip hop artist back in the 1990s.  Things hadn’t worked out the way he wanted them to, and he was out struggling to make ends meet.

From the HVW8 blog:

Encouraged by his raw skills and talent, HVW8 got Red into Computer Jay’s Echo Park studio for a couple recording sessions before he was prematurely incarcerated on a parole violation. Only able to record one complete take in the studio, and after his re-arrest, HVW8’s Tyler Gibney and Addison Liu reached out to CHOPS and Dam-Funk to apply their world class talents.

CHOPS, who has produced for Jeezy, Game and Bun B to name a few, heard a sound along the lines of Roger, but with a new hardcore West Coast style; he was up for the challenge of working on the track without Red’s presence in the studio. Meanwhile, Peanut Butter Wolf of Stones Throw Records was also excited about what he heard and had their resident funk maestro Dam-Funk busy at work lacing the track into a new West Coast funk classic.

So dang,  this guy went from homeless to dropping a release on Stones Throw Records.  And he’s definitely not bad.  It’s a really interesting sound, one that’s totally human-powered.  It’s got a throwback vibe for sure, and quite honestly it’s just nice to see someone’s dream coming true after all these years.

Here’s a little sample of Red’s work:

Here’s the official trailer for his studio release.  Buy it here.

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