Three best mixtapes of ’09

It’s nearly the end of the calendar year (and the decade!), which means only one thing: ‘best of’ lists.  Yep, it’s that magical time when critics, fans and musicians announce their favourite music of the last 365 days and, for those more ambitious, the last 3,650 days.

So it seems only right for us to start posting some best ofs of our own (a.k.a. other people’s best ofs that we find entertaining).  First up is a set of three mixtapes described by BlackBook magazine as the best of ’09.  They are, in no particular order:

Chiddy Bang – The Swelly Express

Donnis – Diary of an ATL Brave

Drake – So Far Gone

Click here to download ’em.

Are they any good?  I’m not sure, I’m still downloading them from the Interwebs.  Plus, I’m busy remixing a local indie rock band’s latest album with Wu-Tang accappelas.  But they’re free, so get your download on and listen for yourself.

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