Imeem goes bye bye

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This may not be something that really affects any of us, in the end, but I think it’s worth noting nonetheless.  You may have noticed that we’ve embedded quite a few tracks from imeem over the years.  It’s been a simple and convenient to showcase a whole variety of tracks.

But imeem isn’t gone.  They were bought by MySpace for a rather low sum, and it seems like MySpace is intending on keeping some aspects of it.

In the coming weeks, our team will be working as quickly as possible to take aspects of imeem that users love and migrate them to MySpace Music. We’ll start that transition today by redirecting imeem users to MySpace Music to discover their favorite music.   As quickly as possible, we’ll be working to offer users the imeem playlists they’ve created on MySpace Music.

At the minimum, maybe this means MySpace will finally allow embedding. It seems like a  no-brainer to me.  Use imeem technology to allow embedding of MySpace tracks.  Since MySpace is basically only used by bands these days, it is a cheap, legal way to enhance the MySpace experience.  It also allows blogs like ours an easier time promoting artists that we like.

Check the press release here.  (and no, it won’t actually be called MyImeem.)

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