DJ Shadow’s Entroducing performed live


In what has to be one of the better things I heard over this Christmas break, Introducing is a 9-piece live band that goes around and performs the entire Endtroducing album.

I’m assuming most of you are familiar with Endtroducing, which just so happens to be one of the greatest albums of the last 20 years.  You’ll hear deejays and emcees talking about this album all over the place, saying it’s one of their biggest inspirations or just that they feel it’s dope.  And I must agree.  That album is part of what made me love music so much.  It’s beautiful and well-crafted, and these guys truly do it justice.  I’m impressed with how they’ve managed to take an album composed of samples and turn it back into a premium live band performance.  It’s a really interesting reversal of the whole idea of sampling.

Watch the performances below.

Or you can stream it live from their MySpace site.

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