Day: February 11, 2010

Awareness Music

Update On Blogger’s Removal of Music Blogs

Yesterday, we posted that Blogger had rather surreptitiously shut down several popular music blogs.  Today, Pitchfork is reporting that Blogger has issued a statement in its defence.  In the statement, the Google-owned service explains its policy for enforcing the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (the controversial American copyright law), noting that when it receives multiple DMCA complaints about the […]


BK-One’s new album

What? You’ve never heard of BK-One and yet you call yourself a beat fiend? Okay, maybe you don’t call yourself that, and I don’t actually blame you for not knowing about him. BK-One is probably most famously known as the dj of Brother Ali.  And he just dropped his own album featuring a whole slew […]

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