BK-One’s new album


What? You’ve never heard of BK-One and yet you call yourself a beat fiend? Okay, maybe you don’t call yourself that, and I don’t actually blame you for not knowing about him.

BK-One is probably most famously known as the dj of Brother Ali.  And he just dropped his own album featuring a whole slew of guest artists.  Brother Ali, Murs, Slug (from Atmosphere, if you don’t know) and a veritable who’s who of the indie hip hop scene.

The album, titled Radio Do Canibal and is supposed to be heavily influenced by Brazilian music and culture.  You can’t tell that much from the leak track below, but it’s dope enough to be worth a listen.

You can stream a whole bunch more tracks off his MySpace page, so if you’re looking for more take a peek.  And for those of you who are heading out to pirate this, BK-One has a polite message for you:

If you downloaded it, I’m glad you’ve gotten a chance to hear my music…but you’re really missing out.  The packaging is pretty innovative and is made from 100% recycled material.  Inside, you’ll find English translations to all the Portuguese interludes (they help to explain the connections between Brazil’s music history and American music from the past and present).

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