99problems.org Promotes Census among Youth

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99problems.org Promotes Census among Youth

Numbers Don't Lie: The Mixtape

99problems.org, the news website of The League of Young Voters Education Fund (LYVEF) – an American organization dedicated to empowering “young people nationwide to participate in the democratic process” – has launched a new “online intiative”  to educate urban youth about the importance of the 2010 Census.  According to a press release, the campaign will feature

a viral video PSA series hosted by DJ Willie Shakes (Core DJs, Star Trak’s Chester French) … [that] will enable each featured interview (sic) to give their own spin on why the 2010 Census is important to them, as well as the neighborhoods they reside in and come from, in order to reach young voters in an organic and impactful way on such a meaningful issue.

The campaign has also released a free mixtape, with cuts from Jay Electronica, Lupe Fiasco, Drake, Lil’ Wayne, Joe Budden and more.  Atlhough I haven’t listened to it yet, the album’s lineup and message has certainly piqued my curiosity, and I’m looking forward to giving it a spin.  Click here to download it, courtesy of 2dopeboyz.  And scroll down to see the tracklist.

Regardless of the quality of the mixtape or the ‘viral’ PSA, it’s great to see an organization try to raise the profile of the census among young people.  The census is massively important because it informs public policy and spending at all levels of government.  Indeed, since government spending is often allocated on the basis of population, it is absolutely critical that policy makers have an accurate understanding of the population and demographics of a given community or neighbourhood.  Inaccurate census results can jeopardize funding for social programs, education and other government services.  As the LYVEF press release notes:

“The Census is so important. It decides how trillions of dollars will be spent in our community … Every 10 years young people don’t get counted because they don’t understand how important this process is. We are going make sure this doesn’t happen. We are going to meet young people where they are at, and make sure they understand how important this process is to their future.”

Numbers Don’t Lie: The Mixtape

1. Shakes Don’t Lie
2. State of Emergency – Toki Wright
3. Dollar And A Dream – J. Cole
4. Exhibit A – Jay Electronica
5. Problems In The Hood – Miss Nana
6. Wonder Why – Chip The Ripper
7. Everybody’s Nobody – XV
8. Shakes Break
9. Daisy – IB3
10. Dealings – Jay Electronica
11. Ayo – Melanie Fiona
12. I’m Beaming – Lupe Fiasco
13. Where Were You – Drake
14. One For The Money – Mr.Finley
15. All About That Money – Gucci Mane, Rick Ross
16. Numbers Don’t Lie – Yo Gotti, Lil Wayne
17. Certified Gangstas 2 – Game, Jim Jones
18. Crazy Since The 80’s – Wiz Khalifa
19. I Keep On – Joe Budden
20. Wyclef Broadcast
21. Jimmy Outro

DOWNLOAD: Numbers Don’t Lie: The Mixtape

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5 thoughts on “99problems.org Promotes Census among Youth

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