Erykah Badu – Return of the Ankh

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Erykah Badu – Return of the Ankh


Our girl Erykah is back with a new album.  This album, titled New Amerykah Part II: Return of the Ankh, is shaping up to be something quite promising.  I’ve got my hesitations, mainly due to the fact that she has a collabo with Lil’ Wayne (called “Jump Up in the Air and Stay There”).  Oddly enough, The Guardian says that the Lil Wayne track is absent from the album.  Either there was a last minute change, or the UK version of the disc is somehow different than the North American.  I guess we’ll see once I get my hands on it.

[Update: Pitchfork is saying the following

Billboard originally reported that Badu would include a track called “Jump in the Air”, which would feature a ton of guest rappers, including Lil Wayne and Andre 3000. But a Wayne-featured early version of the track leaked, and Badu has since eliminated it from the tracklist. Instead, a version of “Jump in the Air” with just Wayne and Bilal will appear as a web-only bonus track. Sad news for all of us who badly wanted to hear a Badu-helmed posse cut.

Guess that explains the difference.]

For those of you looking for the beats, this album definitely has you covered.  With production (somehow) from J. Dilla, 9th Wonder, and Madlib, you are pretty much guaranteed to find something you like.  In the video below, a track called “Window Seat”, you get to hear ?uestlove jamming on the drums .

If “Window Seat” is any indication, I think I’m going to be quite happy with this album.

4 thoughts on “Erykah Badu – Return of the Ankh

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