Month: May 2010

Music Politics

Joe Budden’s beef

The NYTimes wrote a fairly unremarkable piece on hip hop beefs in 2009.  The focus of the article was on some simmering beef between Joe Budden and half the Wu-Tang nation.  The story goes that Joe Budden wasn’t too happy when Method Man beat him on a poll by the defunct-and-reborn Vibe Magazine.  He made […]


Stream Shad’s new Album

Spinner magazine has Shad’s new album TSOL streaming in its full glory. Check it out here. It’s neat that each track has a little commentary by Shad himself talking about where each came from and what it was all about. This album is going to be great when it lands at the end of May.  […]


New York is Killing Me

On this track, Gil Scott-Heron and Nas drop what Pitchfork calls “Basically the opposite of "Empire State of Mind"".  Now, keep in mind that this is a remix that Nas did of Gil’s track, but the result is something that has a strong juxtaposition.  Scott-Heron’s gravely tone sounds pained and laboured, really convincingly sounding like […]


Omar Epps can rap?

Omar Epps can somewhat rap.  Who knew? The track below, titled Definition, was by a crew called Da Wolfpack.  It’s a pretty 90’s name, but they do alright and the song is actually listenable.  The rumor is that this group never dropped a full album, just released this single.  But hey, they made a video […]

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