New York is Killing Me

On this track, Gil Scott-Heron and Nas drop what Pitchfork calls “Basically the opposite of "Empire State of Mind"".  Now, keep in mind that this is a remix that Nas did of Gil’s track, but the result is something that has a strong juxtaposition.  Scott-Heron’s gravely tone sounds pained and laboured, really convincingly sounding like he’s feeling burned out. 

“Oh the doctor don’t know, but New York is Killing me”. – Gil Scott-Heron

Nas’ verses are intriguing.  He focuses mainly on the fast-pace of NYC and the fact that the ladies of NY are “wolves in sheep’s clothing.”  Without a doubt, Gil owns this track and his performance is incredible.  But it’s nice to see his old-time style contrasted with Nas’ younger, faster flow.  It’s a collabo that works nicely.


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