Monthly Archives: June 2010


New Roots album – “How I Got Over”

So the Roots have a new album out, called How I Got Over.  The single off the album (by the same name) is a great track.  That bodes pretty well for the album as a whole (and you can check it out below).

The tracklist lists some solid acts, and a lot of recurring appearances by Dice Raw.  Raw is an artist I always thought was a steady member of the Roots Crew, but it seems like I was wrong.  Joanna Newsom may be the least likely guest star on this album, but she’s a pretty talented musician herself, so I have a feeling her skills won’t be put to waste. 

You can stream a lot of the songs off the album on the The Roots’ MySpace page, so go check it out!


“Blood is The New Black”

Blood is The New Black Free.  This t-shirt from Urban Outfitters made me laugh pretty damn hard.  I remember the days when people used to say this sort of message about someone and a) actually mean it and b) the person actually deserved it.

Still, good work, whoever thought this one up.


Nas and Damian Marley join forces

Nas and Damian Marley have decided to a do whole album together (titled Distant Relatives), and I have to admit I’m kind of excited for it.  I wasn’t entirely sure how this would turn out because of the potential for it to come off as gimmicky, but I’m pretty pleased.  Check out the first official video for As We Enter.

Not bad!  Pitchfork’s been all over this album for quite some time now, and the hype has been building.  Part of what grabbed my attention is that these two decided to sample Amadou and Mariam’s Sabali for one of their tracks.  For those who don’t know, Sabali is a solidly-produced track by an incredibly talented Afro-pop duo from Mali.   But as yet, Amadou and Mariam aren’t exactly household names, so the use of one of their tracks from one is undoubtedly going to a pretty commercial-successful record is a great thing.

The sample is to be used on the track Patience, which you can check out over at The Fader.

If you want to buy the album, it should be out at a store near you.  It’s already up on Amazon and on iTunes.