Month: September 2010


Kanye/Raekwon/J. Bieber remix

Pitchfork is reporting that the most amazing remix of all time is on the way. Kanye has taken a perfectly ridiculous half-baked idea– doing a song with mop-topped teen idol Justin Bieber and Wu-Tang mic slayer Raekwon— and turned it into a reality. Apparently, at the moment, Kanye and Raekwon are actually at work on […]


Don’t Copy that Floppy 2.0

A couple of years ago Fu-Quon posted a video that made me laugh for days.  The 1992 classic Don’t Copy that Floppy.  It was a pretty hilarious anti-piracy clip featuring DP, the digital rapper from cyberspace.  What you don’t know is that they made an official sequel. Check it out below. 

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