A (Short) Tribute to Eyedea

So it’s confirmed: Eyedea passed away over the weekend. One of the great unheralded talents of hip-hop, Eyedea had a vast vocabulary which he combined with a poetic sensibility and an effortless cadence. It’s a shame he never gained widespread popularity. But his talent was undeniable, and his music will live on as a testament to the possibilities of seriously good rap music. Easily my favourite track of his is “Paradise”, from his 2004 album E&A with collaborator DJ Abilities. The tune is a melancholic eulogy of a dysfunctional relationship. In it, Eyedea offers a litany of romantic vanities and inadequacies that capture perfectly the contradictions of human relationships. Paired with DJ Abilities’ utterly smooth beat, the song is, in my opinion, among the best hip-hop love songs ever made. But on a more personal level, it’s one of those rare songs that represents a very specific period in my life; it’s an eidetic trigger, I guess. Whenever I hear it I’m back at that spot. I won’t go in to specifics, but I will say that for me, “Paradise” has added emotional significance. And right now, it seems incredibly appropriate:

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  1. “weve rediscovered the long lost art of dying only to lonely resent angels for flying twisted living off each others sickness like parasites this is paradise… Eydea your free..fuck this world!!!

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