?uestlove is writing a book (and a digression)

Once again, Pitchfork broke this story about ?uestlove’s plan to write a book.  They noted that ?uest is famous for his stories of celebrity encounters, and actually has a website designed to showcase some of them.  I went over, and poked through a few here and there, and finally read the one about Erykah Badu.

Now I realize that most of the hip hop world knows this already, but the Badu story really tripped me out.

He writes:

me being the kang of snoring and all this hair has prompted erykah and james “im in!” poyser to tell the engineer to press record whilst i lay near my drumset and these two fools sing songs of my snoring and my bed head. most of which was for yalls amusement on her “afro” a real time in between songs mess around banter (most of which heavily edited to my happiness) during that week.

And in my head, all I could think about was that little intro on Baduizm that just goes

“Pick your afro daddy…because it’s flat on one side…” and whether or not that applied to ?uestlove (or someone quite like him).

I get the timelines may not match up, but it really got me wondering who these little tidbits are about.  How many artists I’ve listened to are linked in some way that I just honestly haven’t really thought about.

In the real world (yes, internet, there’s a life outside of 4080Records), the world can be a tiny place.  People are way more connected than I imagined.  So why can’t it be the same way in the hip hop world?

Anyways, Pitchfork says this about the book:

The tome is titled Mommy, What’s a Questlove? and will be published by Grand Central Publishing. It isn’t due out until at least 2012, though (books take time, people). According to Okayplayer, What’s a Questlove? will feature “music factoids with real life stories, celebrity encounters, and thoughts on life written in his signature stream-of-consciousness style.”

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