Reflection Eternal album got slept on

Apparently we here at 4080 got a little too wrapped up in ourselves an missed a big album drop this past year. Reflection Eternal, the hip hop team made up of Taliban Kweli and Hi-Tek have been consistently making solid hip hop that dwarfs any of their solo stuff.

Pitchfork’s review of their latest album ( speaks pretty damn highly of it. The album, titled Revolutions per Minute, has garnered a solid following. Pitchfork also notes that while it is not a momentous revival, it is still a worthy record.
” But those are minor demerits, and the things people do listen for– conscious yet unpretentious lyricism delivered with acrobatic dexterity over on-point, no-gimmick beats– are all over this album. Kweli and Hi-Tek never had to rework their styles to stay on the cusp of mainstream-name status, so they’ve spent more time playing to their strengths than distracting themselves from them.”

I’m pretty down with it, and very much agree. While it doesn’t shift the musical landscape, it is very much an album I plan to throw on again.

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