WILT (International Women’s Day Edition)

I’m two days late, but here’s this week’s version of What I’m Listening To. Given that today is International Women’s Day, this week’s edition kicks off with a track demanding greater respect for women.

Queen Latifah – “U.N.I.T.Y.” (Black Reign, Motown Records, 1993)

I actually heard this track for the first time a few weeks ago on an archived edition of WeFunk Radio. As soon as that saxophone loop kicked in I was hooked; it’s just so damn smooth. I could listen to this beat on repeat for days on end. But of course the lyrics are hype, too, with Queen Latifah preaching about the inherent beauty and worth of women (“You ain’t a bitch or a ho” she says on the hook) and threatening dudes who disrespect her. Based on the video I’m pretty sure she’d MESS YOU UP if you fronted on her – she looks straight up Wu-Tang here!!

Talib Kweli – “Ain’t Waiting ft. Outasight” (Gutter Rainbows, Blacksmith Music, 2011)

Talib’s new album has been out for a minute now, and like a lot of his efforts it’s mad inconsistent. This track, in my opinion, is one of the solider ones (yeah, ‘solider’, don’t bother looking it up). The hook is sweeeet like chocolate, and the beat keeps things moving. But seriously – TK – when is the next Black Star album coming out?

The Gaturs – “Gatur Bait” (Wasted, ?, 1970)

This song drips with pure, nasty funk (you may recognize if as the source of DJ Greyboy’s “Singles Party“). The bass line should be illegal. And the piano solo at around 2:10ish will have you grooving for sure. I have no idea who The Gaturs were, except that they make crazy good music and are from New Orleans.

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