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The Jets Are Baaaack!

It’s been a decade and a half, but the NHL is finally back in Winnipeg. This is huge for the city; imagine if the Red Sox left Boston or the Lakers left LA and you’ll get a sense of how integral the Jets franchise was to Winnipeg.

True North Sports and Entertainment, the group relocating the Atlanta Thrasher to the ‘Peg, have announced a season ticket drive that may determine whether the deal gets final approval from the league.

But in the meantime, it’s time to celebrate. And what could be more appropriate than the Jets’ unofficial theme song:

(Image credit: Wikimedia Commons)


Modestep “Feel Good”

Modestep is a dubstep foursome from London. They’re apparently making waves for combining the floor rattling bass lines of “traditional” dubstep with soulful melodies, like the hook in their new track “Feel Good.” I don’t know a whole lot about the dubstep genre, but this track reminds me of the early 2000s or so, when I was deep into house music.


Courtney Love Gets Candid About Addiction

“While the drugs screwed me up in a lot of ways, they improved me in certain others. I’ve never been good with numbers, but when I was on crack I could do math really, really well. I became a fucking whiz at calculus. But I also became kind of psychotic, unfortunately,” – Courtney Love.

h/t The Dish.

(Image credit: KatjusaC)


Justice Releases New Single, “Civilization”

The duo behind D.A.N.C.E., one of 2007’s biggest songs, have released the video for “Civilization”, the first single from their long-awaited second album. Although the video is epic, I wonder if it’ll be as popular as its predecessor, which was seriously ubiquitous four summers ago.


You Have No Respect For Logic

Arnold’s in a lot of hot water these days. Plus he took an acting break to run California, so it’s easy to forget that he made some classic films back in the day. Like Twins, which likely has the highest number of unintentionally hilarious lines in Schwarzenegger’s oeuvre. Exhibit A:

Also great about Twins is its soundtrack, featuring the Spinners and, strangely, 2 Live Crew:

Here’s hoping the rumours about Twins 2 are true.


Our New Look

As you can tell, we’re rocking a new look these days. Our goal with the redesign was to make 4080 look more ‘bloggy’ and less ‘magaziney.’ Let us know what you think: the good, the bad and the ugly. We’ll likely be tweaking the design over the next few days/weeks, so any suggestions would be appreciated.

Music Politics

Gil Scott-Heron, 1949-2011

One of the true greats. Rest in peace.

The real question is: was the revolution televised?


JR Mint

I’ve dug through a bunch of his other tracks on YouTube and can say I haven’t been impressed.  But something about the beats on this one appeal to me.  Give it a shot.




As you can probably tell, we’re redesigning the site. It should be finished soon, and we hope you dig the new look when it is.