King Mez Feat. Thee Tom Hardy And Sean Boog – “From The South”

Two things about this song:

  1. It demonstrates how, in rap music, the rapper’s voice serves as an instrument. Listen to the final minute of the song, when the beat plays out; it drags along, with the end of the loop almost slowing down before the piano (or whatever that sample is) kicks in again. Then listen to the middle of the song, which flows more evenly. The balance stems from the steady delivery of the rappers, which smoothes out the apparent rhythmic asymmetry of the beat.
  2. Why wear a Yankees or a Dodgers hat in a video for a song about the South? Obviously it’s a style thing, but are there really no southern teams with the same colour schemes?

Above all though, it’s a great song.

h/t: herfection

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