Frankensteez ft. Edo G – Humble Haters

This track, from an upcoming mixtape called Mister Jason Presents: FRANKENSTEEZ, sounds like the music Ugly Duckling would make if Ugly Duckling woke up tomorrow as a posse of hardcore rappers. The bouncy beat, the humorous references to the good ‘ol days (“Everything I’ve heard in the last decade/Got me begging for change like kids in arcades/Flavor meant something you could actually taste”), it’s all there.

Humble Haters feat. EDO G. by FRANKENSTEEZ

To be fair, the real story behind this project is interesting, too. Produced entirely on Mister Jason’s MPC-2000 – “the iconic drum machine of choice for 90s legends like Pete Rock and DJ Premier” – the mixtape includes a posse cut featuring 26 (!) rappers each spitting four lines, with each rapper representing one letter of the alphabet. Sounds amazing.

Props: HipHopDX

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