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Rapper Big Pooh – “Wooden Wall Silverware” (Prod. by Madlib)

Whenever someone says Little Brother‘s Big Pooh can’t rap, point them to this track. To be fair, food is probably easy to rhyme about, but there’s no denying Big Pooh does it well. Mix in a tasty Madlib beat, and the result, like “Wooden Wall Silverware” from the FatBoyFresh Vol. 1 Mixtape, is undeniably delicious.

Props: Metal Lungies


Jay Rock – “Just Like Me”

This is a powerful track, musically and lyrically. Introspective, honest, and thought-provoking, “Just Like Me” starts with a droning piano, building in intensity until the first verse crashes into a haunting saxaphone sample like a cresting wave. The lyrics, delivered with modulating velocity, spare no punches in depicting the harsh realities of gang life. Crazy good.

Props: Nah Right


Truck North and The Third – “Brilliant”

Here’s the first video from Reconstruction, the upcoming collaboration between rapper Truck North and Ohio crew The Third. The horn sample lends this track a melancholic vibe, over which the emcees rhyme about the struggles of the rap game.

Truck North x The 3RD “Brilliant” from Supa MARIO on Vimeo.

Props: Nah Right

Funk Friday

Funk Friday: Maceo and the Macks – “Soul Power ’74” (1973)

Just some straight, grimy funk for your Friday afternoon.

Maceo! Blow your horn!” That’s how James Brown would dynamically signal his favorite horn player to take another stinging sax solo — and Maceo Parker never once let his boss down. Parker‘s jabbing workouts in the midst of “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag” and “Cold Sweat” made him a household name among ’60s funk fans — not bad for a kid fresh out of college who got the gig primarily becauseBrown coveted his brother Melvin‘s drumming chops.

AllMusic Guide


Cut Copy – “Blink And You’ll Miss A Revolution” (Toro Y Moi Remix)

Here’s Toro Y Moi‘s (pictured) shimmering remix of  Cut Copy’s “Blink And You’ll Miss A Revolution”, from the band’s new album, Zonoscope. Listen for the ‘Yeah!’ vocal sample starting at 0:56 – is that Talib Kweli?

Blink And You’ll Miss a Revolution (Toro Y Moi Remix) by cutcopymusic


The Cool Kids ft. Maxine Ashley – “Summer Jam”

More breezy, rock-these-tunes-on-your-sailboat music for your earholes, this time courtesy of The Cool Kids, Maxine Ashley, and Pharrell (on the production tip). For me, the highlight of “Summer Jam” is the bossa nova-inspired hook, which sounds like distilled sunshine.

The Cool Kids – Summer Jam (feat. Maxine Ashley) by lilpoops

Props: HipHopDX


Co$$ – “Pot Ash”

Co$$ is an LA-based emcee whose debut album, Before I Awoke, dropped last month. Making waves for his unique, cerebral style, which effortlessly “blends astral musings and lyrical smack downs“, Co$$ was named the most underrated rapper in LA by that city’s Times in 2010. This track, “Pot Ash”, seems an excellent introduction to Co$$’ aesthetic, and the oblique, jazzy beat is just beautiful.

Co$$ – Pot Ash from on Vimeo.

Props: Metal Lungies


The Narcicyst Featured In Today’s Globe

The Narcicyst, an emcee we featured on 4080 back in 2008, was interviewed for an article in today’s Globe and Mail about Muslim Canadians using art to explore their identity and religion. In the article, The Narcicyst (real name Yassin Alsalman), echoes the sentiments of countless activists and rappers who have used hip-hop to fight injustices and push for change:

“We learned from the African American community on how to be vocal about our experience artistically,” Alsalman wrote in an e-mail explaining the development of what is known as Arab hip-hop. “… before hip hop and the Arab world met, we were silent. Now our generation is speaking out more than ever.”

A powerful read, for sure.


Common ft. Nas – Ghetto Dreams

Last weekend, the first track from Common’s upcoming album The Dreamer, The Believer was leaked. Called “Ghetto Dreams”, it’s produced by No I.D. and features Nas. For me, this track really hinges on its beat, which seriously bangs; the thumping kicks and staccato piano stabs (which are basically ideal for rap music) serve as the perfect palette for Common and Nas’ verses. It’s too bad the hook is so lame. Overall, though, it’s a promising sign of what the new album will sound like.

Common – Ghetto Dreams (ft. Nas) by Hiphop In Je Smoel


Thievery Corporation ft. Mr. Lif – Culture of Fear

Thievery Corporation’s newest album, Culture of Fear, was released last week. Here’s the title track, featuring Mr. Lif:

Thievery Corporation – Culture of Fear by sachyn