Funk Friday: Dazz Band – Let It Whip (1982)

Funk Friday3 Comments on Funk Friday: Dazz Band – Let It Whip (1982)

Funk Friday: Dazz Band – Let It Whip (1982)

If this song doesn’t get you in the mood for the weekend, I don’t know what will.

The Cleveland-based Dazz Band was one of the more popular funk groups of the early ’80s. Bobby Harris formed the group in the late ’70s, merging two Cleveland funk bands, Bell Telefunk and Mother Braintree.* After myriad lineup changes, the end result was an eight-piece band featuring Harris, Skip Martin III, Pierre DeMudd on horns and vocals, guitarist Eric Fearman, bassist Michael Wiley, drummer Isaac Wiley, keyboardist Kevin Frederick, and percussionist Kenny Pettus. Harris and lead songwriter/guitarist Mike Calhoun’s concept for the group was “danceable jazz”; he shortened the description to “dazz” and called the group Kinsman Dazz. Under that name, the group had two small hits in the U.S.A. during 1978 and 1979. After Calhoun left they changed their name to the Dazz Band in 1980 and signed to Motown. …

“Let It Whip,” taken from their second album Keep It Live (1982), reached number five and won a Grammy Award for Best Performance by an R&B Vocal Duo or Group.

AllMusic Guide

*Proof that funk has the best band names of any genre.

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3 thoughts on “Funk Friday: Dazz Band – Let It Whip (1982)

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