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Us3 has a new album – Lie, Cheat, and Steal

It’s pretty exciting news!  The Cantaloop artist has finally come back and dropped his latest, titled Lie, Cheat and Steal. I haven’t heard the whole thing yet, but I have to say that I like what I hear.

Us3’s a group focused mainly on jazzy hip-hop, and Lie, Cheat, and Steal happens to be their 8th album.  I can honestly say that I’ve slept on most of what they have done, but Hand on the Torch (their first) is still a classic.

The Find Magazine has one track up, so check it out!

And, for the nostalgic in you, here’s Cantaloop.


Little Dragon Interviewed by Exclaim Magazine

Little Dragon was interviewed by Toronto’s Exclaim Magazine.  It’s a neat insight into this group following the release of their third album Ritual Union.

Check out the interview, and most definitely check out the new album.  It’s refreshing.  Particularly this:

With this record, there are no guest appearances from huge stars you’ve worked with in the past. Was there any temptation to do any of that?
No, There was no real temptation. There is always a wish from label people, “Why don’t you do this or this?” Plus, what if we make a really great song with someone else? We really see ourselves as a live band and we go on tour and that person’s not there, who’s going to be standing in? It’s kind of very practical, it may sound silly, but that’s the feeling. And plus it’s nice to know that it’s still just the band, ‘cos we’re kind of sentimental with the whole band thing and being a band and all that that means, being a family. Collaborations are great, but in a way it’s a kind of a business thing. On this record we wanted to do what we always did, experimenting in the studio, goofing around. It’s easier done with old friends.

I can only think that in the same situation I’d be damn tempted to get some big names on my album to help boost sales.  But they’re willing to make music for the sake of making music.  And I’m happy to support that.


Quelle Chris ft. Denmark – Symbolic (Basquiat)

I love this kind of music. Lazily-delivered clever wordplay over a mellow, boom-bap beat; what more do you want?!?

And for more, check out “Shotguns” featuring Danny Brown and Roc Marciano.

Props: Nah Right


Childish Gambino – “All The Shine” (2011)

Childish Gambino is Community‘s Donald Glover, who plays Troy, and also happens to be a rapper. His first album, Camp, is scheduled for release next month. This track is the second release from that album. It’s got a stirring, airy feel to it, the lyrics are clever and self-deprecating, and it benefits from a great hook.

Childish Gambino – All The Shine (CDQ Version) by weallwantsome1


The Roots ft. Big K.R.I.T. – “Make My” (2011)

Any day the Roots release new music is a good day in my books. This track, featuring some absolutely beautiful synths (listen closely for them at the end, especially), is from the band’s upcoming album, Undun.

The Roots “Make My” featuring Big K.R.I.T. by okayplayer


Kooley High ft. King Mez – “Skyview” (Video)

Here’s some more NC dopeness for you (see The Away Team’s newest track, below). The beat is nice, but where this track really shines are the first and third verses, which feature some ill wordplay: “The summer solstice, peep the shine on the track.” Hah! Check it out:


The Away Team – “The Road to Redemption” (Video)

This beat is blowing my mind! The drums sound off-kilter, somehow, but they fit the sample perfectly, and Sean Boog flows nicely above them. From The Away Team’s new album Scares and Stripes.

Awareness Music

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince reunite!

At the top of my list of things I wish to have written about, this has to be at least #3.

DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince are getting together to make some new music.

According to HipHopDX, Jeff had told XXLMag that

“I just think more than anything there is no set pattern, no set plan, but we just wanna go into the studio and see what we come out with. If I can get it back to the way we used to make music, you know, it used to be just me and him in the room. You don’t need no entourages and cameras and all of that and see what happens. He hasn’t decided exactly what he wants to do.”

This makes me so happy.


R.I.P. Sylvia Robinson


The Guardian is reporting that Sylvia Robinson, known to many (especially you older readers) as the mother of hip hop, has passed away at the age of 75.  She was a recognized artist in her own right, and yet that was totally overshadowed by putting together the Sugarhill Gang.

That’s right, without her, the world would have never known the magic that is Rapper’s Delight, and hip hop wouldn’t have come nearly as far as it has.

Thanks to Sylvia Robinson, hip hop is a  a recognized art form, and we all owe her a huge debt.

Here is a snippet from the article:

Although rap was already in its infancy, the genre had yet to be recorded. Robinson assembled a trio of Jersey kids – Big Bank Hank, Wonder Mike and Master Gee – and dubbed them the Sugarhill Gang. Hiring a band to recreate the rhythm from Good Times, they recorded the first rap single. "This was in the days before samplers and drum machines, when real humans had to play things," said bassist Chip Shearin. "Sylvia said: ‘I’ve got these kids who are going to talk real fast over it; that’s the best way I can describe it.’"

Robinson released Rapper’s Delight on Sugar Hill Records, founded with her husband Joe. While it only reached No 4 in the R&B charts, it launched a movement. By the early 80s, the label’s roster included the biggest names in the scene: the West Street Mob, Funky Four Plus One, the Treacherous Three, and Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. When the latter released The Message in 1982, Robinson was listed as co-producer.

Awareness Music

Colbert hosts Black Star

That’s right, Stephen Colbert hosted two of our favourite hip hop artists (especially when they form up as Black Star).  Talib Kweli and Mos Def (now known as Yasiin Bey).  You can watch the whole video online (Canadian readers, click here).

If you just want to see them drop a new jam, then watch the video below.