Little Dragon Interviewed by Exclaim Magazine

Little Dragon was interviewed by Toronto’s Exclaim Magazine.  It’s a neat insight into this group following the release of their third album Ritual Union.

Check out the interview, and most definitely check out the new album.  It’s refreshing.  Particularly this:

With this record, there are no guest appearances from huge stars you’ve worked with in the past. Was there any temptation to do any of that?
No, There was no real temptation. There is always a wish from label people, “Why don’t you do this or this?” Plus, what if we make a really great song with someone else? We really see ourselves as a live band and we go on tour and that person’s not there, who’s going to be standing in? It’s kind of very practical, it may sound silly, but that’s the feeling. And plus it’s nice to know that it’s still just the band, ‘cos we’re kind of sentimental with the whole band thing and being a band and all that that means, being a family. Collaborations are great, but in a way it’s a kind of a business thing. On this record we wanted to do what we always did, experimenting in the studio, goofing around. It’s easier done with old friends.

I can only think that in the same situation I’d be damn tempted to get some big names on my album to help boost sales.  But they’re willing to make music for the sake of making music.  And I’m happy to support that.

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