Month: November 2011


Drake and Phonte?

In today’s unpredictable collaboration news, Drake and Phonte (of Little Brother fame) were supposed to team up for a track last year that never materialized.  You’ve talked a lot about your admiration for Phonte. How come another collaboration with him still hasn’t happened? With me and Tay, I kinda dropped the ball on a feature […]

Cool Music

Bieber freestyle, part 2

The Bieb does it again, and on Hot97 of all places.  Hot97’s still got some influence in a lot of circles, so with their endorsement, I’ve got to say that I think Bieber’s rap career may be a little bit closer to actually happening. Plus, props for a Tim Hortons reference.


20 years of jazzy hip hop

This is so amazing it hurts.  Tracklist is below the video Dream Warriors – My Definition Of Boombastic Jazz Style (Intro) A Tribe Called Quest – Jazz (We’ve Got) Us3 – Cantaloop J. Spencer – Hip Hop Jazz Justice System – Summer In The City Common – Resurrection INI – Fakin’ Jax Buckshot Lefonque – […]


Willy Moon – I Wanna Be Your Man

A pretty smart marketing ploy, it seems.  Little information, one video (linked via facebook, twitter, and youtube).  A shoddy website, even.  But the song itself is pretty addictive.  So I give you, Willy Moon’s I Wanna Be Your Man”.   Who is this guy?

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