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Look at Me Now Covers

Don’t get me wrong, Chris Brown is an awful human being, but a ton people have been giving the cover treatment to his track Look at Me Now.  I can’t even say that I like the original that much, but I get a big kick out of the covers.  It might just be the idea that these random people (granted, Karmin is getting a bit famous now) are surprisingly talented.  But regardless, I present to you two of my favourites so far.



Extra Serious

Mac Lethal

Vinyl treasure found on Wake Island

Vinyl treasure found on Wake Island.

I dream of stuff like this sometimes.  Stumbling upon an incredible record collection in some abandoned place.   I mean an abandoned room in a military base isn’t exactly what I pictured, but it’s as cool a place as any.

The collection includes a variety of vinyl albums and records specially made for military audiences and distributed monthly by the American Forces Radio and Television Network as well as some commercially available records.

“In 1942, the American Forces Radio Service was started to get American music out to the troops overseas,” said Larry Sichter, the American Forces Network Broadcast Center Affiliate Relations Division chief. “Some of the radio productions were original, like GI Jill and Command Performance, and have significant value.”


Archie loves Biggie

Who knew Riverdale was on the East side?



The Funk League ft. Sadat X – On And On (Video)

Here’s France’s very own The Funk League, with one of the nicest videos I’ve seen in a long time.

Props: Nah Right