Month: January 2012


Will Shortz is illin’

Okay, not really.  But Shortz and a fan got into a little spat over the definition of the word “illin’” and it’s inclusion as a clue in the New York Times crossword puzzle.  For those of you who don’t know him, Shortz is the NYT crossword editor, and seems to be a pretty nice guy. […]


Drake and Common are beefin

Drake like ‘Canada Dry,’ says Common in rap feud. I don’t even know what to say about this.  I have much love for Common, and I’ve got to say that Drake is growing on me (and I’ve always got a soft spot for him thanks to his Degrassi days), but it’s hard to imagine two […]


Things Kids will never have to worry about

Amusing article from Forbes about things our kids will never have to worry about thanks to technology.  This one especially struck home 8) Having to endlessly search to find unique content. Related to the previous point, the digital generation will never recall a time when they had to hunt for the obscure media content they […]


NME’s Top 100 bands of 2012

This is not mostly hip hop, but you’ll love it anyways.  It’s a list of NME’s top 100 bands to watch out for in 2012, and they’ve linked to soundcloud so you can hear a track from each of them.  This will keep you busy for DAYS. The only one I recognize off the top […]


Questlove’s interview

Questlove gave a nice long interview to the Globe and Mail.  It’s a fascinating insight into the evolution of the Roots and into the production of Undun, and is well worth the read. Questlove, on the narrative theme and structure of Undun, a song-cycle that comments on the often short, tragic lives of African Americans, […]

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