Things Kids will never have to worry about


Amusing article from Forbes about things our kids will never have to worry about thanks to technology.  This one especially struck home

8) Having to endlessly search to find unique content.

Related to the previous point, the digital generation will never recall a time when they had to hunt for the obscure media content they desired. When I was a teenager, I spent an absurd amount of time and money trying to find (and sometimes import) rare vinyl or CD versions of singles or albums from my favorite artists. I will never forget the day in the early 1980s when, after a long search, I finally found a rare Led Zeppelin B-Side (“Hey Hey What Can I Do”) on a “45” in a dusty bin at a small record store. It was like winning the lottery! Today, virtually any piece of desired content, no matter how obscure, is just a quick search away.

It’s true.  Our kids will never know quite how hard it was to find a rare album or single.  These days, once they’re found, these type of things often end up as MP3s and publicly distributed.  Beautiful in terms of sharing, but some of the experience is lost.

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