Monthly Archives: February 2012


Adding headband padding

Comfort mod: HD650 headband padding on the Pro 900.

Not a bad trick if you have some good headphones with not enough padding.  All you need is some velcro and some additional padding.


First Serve is coming!

The Find Magazine has posted some exciting news! Plug 1 and Plug 2 from De La Soul are forming a new duo called First Serve. Any new music from these guys is going to be good in my book, so keep your ears open!

Check out their first track here:

Or watch their video:



Kanye West Performing As A Teenager

DDotOme has some rare footage of Kanye performing at the Double Door in Chicago back in the late 1990s.  It’s a surprisingly laid back track, though you can see the same energy and attitude just bubbling under the surface.

It’s a far way from Jesus Walks, but worth a look all the same.

Here’s some never before seen footage of Yeezy and a then partner in rhyme Phenom rocking in Chi-Town at the legendary Double Door spot. As you can see Kanye’s energy and voice is relatively the same all these years later, the video captures a teenage Ye, approximately 18 or 19 since this was recorded circa 1996. Take a look and listen to the rhymes he was kicking, very ATCQ influenced (in my ear’s opinion)..the hook on the first song takes a line off ODB’s “Brooklyn Zoo”. At the end of his set (2:10), a very winded and confident Mr. West proclaims “Kanye represent the sexy niggas, fly niggas”..yeah that’s the Kanye we know, alright.

Check it out.