The Story Of Trip-Hop’s Rise

Local Groove Does Good: The Story Of Trip-Hop’s Rise From Bristol : The Record

NPR has a really fascinating look at the rise of Trip Hop, starting from its humble origins in Bristol, UK.    It’s written in a romantic and nostalgic way, and includes language so pregnant with meaning it may actually need a c-section before you’re finished reading the article.  Case in point:

The sensuous groove fulfilled a timeless human need for a bass-heavy sound to touch the secret recesses of the imagination and lure our dreamworld onto the dance floor. Trip-hop was tailor-made for the moment — and it happens every night — when a bopper wants to get tender. Or when domestic listeners seek to wander within themselves.

It’s still a pretty great read, especially if you’re like me and still love to wander the streets with some Massive Attack whenever you start feeling introspective.

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