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Cool Music

Hologram Tupac blows my mind


2Pac’s holographic appearance at Coachella this year may be the most overhyped/coolest thing I’ve ever seen.  If you haven’t seen it yet, view the video below:

I’ve heard from multiple people that it was better on video that it was in person, but it’s still pretty technologically amazing.  This article from the Atlantic has a different take on it.  A profoundly critical one.  Take a look:

And much like Spinal Tap, Hologram Tupac carries traces of graying desperation. Dre’s The Chronic turns 20 years old this year, and with the exceptions of Wiz Khalifa and Kendrick Lamar none of the vaunted lineup of guests onstage for Dre and Snoop’s set represented fresh talent. Eminem and 50 Cent are household names but well removed from the best music of their careers. Warren G is a sentimental favorite; Kurupt is the answer to a trivia question.

Dr. Dre is 47 years old, Snoop is 40, and Hologram Tupac is forever 25. Hip-hop may have finally aged into an era of Oldies Revues—lavish and ludicrously expensive Oldies Revues, but Oldies Revues nonetheless—and Hologram Tupac stands as a marker of faux vitality, a callback to glory days, a nod to a crowd geeked on nostalgic sentiment. Seen in this light, Hologram Tupac starts to feel crass and exploitative, a mutually agreed-upon sham between performer and audience, the high-tech evolution of the Elvis impersonator.

I don’t think I felt that strongly about it.  I was more impressed from the tech side of things than anything else.  I guess I never gave it a second thought.  Give us your thoughts below.

Awareness Underreported News



There’s so much that could be be said about the Beastie Boys’ MCA.  At 47, he died way too soon.  After fighting cancer for a few years, he finally lost the fight and has, hopefully, moved on to a better place.  It’s an unbelievably tragedy to his family and a huge loss to the hip hop community as a whole.

The Beastie Boys were pioneers of the art form, and did more to expand hip hop horizons than half of the records of the last decade combined.  They were unabashedly passionate, and minorly rebellious.  They won over listeners from the suburbs to the city.

Rest in peace, Adam.

Check out the classic Sabotage, below.

The Beastie Boys kept things pretty interesting, even in the last few years.  They released a full-length short film titled Fight for your Right.  It just goes to show how many people they reached, because this star studded film has some pretty unexpected (and fantastic) cameos.

Awareness Cool

Adair Lion – Ben

An interesting track that confronts the whole “homophobia” in hip hop issue.  It’s definitely not fixing the problem, but as long as it’s getting people talking, it’s something I can get behind.  Obviously I recognize all the caveats apply about how people shouldn’t have to justify their existence, and really shouldn’t have to  be told that it’s okay to be themselves.  But knowing how few people in the hip hop community talk about this is enough to make it worthwhile.

Adair Lion has been getting some good press out of this lately, particularly because he calls out Lil’ Wayne and Kanye in the track.  Give it a listen. 

Gay is okay, even in hip hop.